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Clothing & T-Shirt Screen Printing

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T-Shirt Printing

For screen printing that really helps you to make a statement, coming to Fire Label should be your first choice.

As part of our extensive online catalogue, we offer a range of cost-effective print solutions for businesses and organisations looking to get their name out through clothing. As such, we can help you leave potential customers and clients in no doubt over who or what you represent.

A diverse and ever popular art, screen printing is the ideal technique for t-shirt designs, as it uses a mesh to transfer logos and emblems onto the surface. This ensures a high-quality, striking finish, especially when employing the ideal type of ink for clothing printing. Indeed, the versatility of this method lends itself well to logo design and merchandising across a range of surfaces, with durability and visual clarity guaranteed.

With our professional services and twelve colours to choose from, your branding will be unmissable, meaning that you’ll be able to make the most of customised clothing that carries your name in loud, proud and clear fashion. Whether it’s for a corporate or promotional function, or just day-to-day business, there’s no substitute for the visible statement made by top-notch screen printing. Our services are ideal for charities too, with discounts available.

Re-labelling, Swing Tickets and Bagging Services for Screen Printed Shirts

Of course, looking and feeling the part is about more than just the name or design on the front of your shirt, which is why we also offer bespoke tags, bagging services, and swing tickets to keep you cool and coordinated. By offering these additional services, we allow our clients to easily convey a reputable, well-established brand.

If you’re looking for 25 or more units of great value screen-printed garments with a design area of anything up to 400mm x 600mm, look no further than Fire Label. With our friendly team and skilled graphic designers, we are ready and waiting to exceed your expectations.

Screen Printing Prices

The below prices show the unit cost of screen printing only and do not include any garments. If you would like a quote for your complete order please get in touch.


25-4950-99 100-199200-499500-9991K-19992K+
1 COL£1.74£1.33£0.88£0.59£0.42£0.36POA
2 COL£2.12£1.49£1.01£0.72£0.49£0.43POA
3 COL£2.49£1.66£1.17£0.85£0.55£0.46POA
4 COL£2.85£1.80£1.37£0.98£0.61£0.53POA
5 COL£3.29£1.94£1.50£1.13£0.69£0.59POA
6 COL£3.66£2.09 £1.66 £1.30 £0.76 £0.66 POA
7 COL£4.01£2.23 £1.78 £1.43 £0.83 £0.71 POA
8 COL£4.39£2.37 £1.90 £1.58 £0.92 £0.78 POA
9 COL£4.76£2.52 £2.05 £1.72 £0.99 £0.84POA
10 COL£5.12£2.66 £2.18 £1.87 £1.07 £0.90 POA
11 COL£5.46£2.80 £2.32 £2.03 £1.14 £0.96POA
12 COL£5.88£2.94 £2.45 £2.19 £1.26 £1.04 POA

25-4950-99 100-199200-499500-9991K19992K+
1 COL£1.96£1.50£1.01£0.70£0.49£0.42POA
2 COL£2.34£1.64£1.18£0.91£0.60£0.49POA
3 COL£2.71£1.79£1.36£1.09£0.70£0.56POA
4 COL£3.07£1.93£1.50£1.26£0.81£0.63POA
5 COL£3.51£2.07£1.64£1.44£0.91£0.70POA
6 COL£3.88£2.22 £1.78 £1.61 £1.01 £0.77 POA
7 COL£4.24£2.36 £1.92 £1.79 £1.11 £0.84 POA
8 COL£4.61£2.50 £2.06 £1.91 £1.22 £0.91 POA
9 COL£4.96£2.64 £2.20 £2.00 £1.33 £0.98 POA
10 COL£5.34£2.78 £2.34 £2.05 £1.43 £1.04 POA
11 COL£5.75£2.92 £2.48 £2.12 £1.54 £1.11 POA
12 COL£6.09£3.07 £2.65 £2.19 £1.74 £1.18 POA

Special Offer: Free Screens on orders of 50pcs and over per design.
Screens are charged at £15+vat per colour - Repeat orders are charged at £10+vat per colour -
Some technical and polyester fabrics may require screen print transfers or screen printing with a specialised ink. Please contact us for further details