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Clothing & T-Shirt Screen Printing

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T-Shirt Printing

Screen printing offers a cost-effective solution if you need large runs of custom-printed shirts for your special event, band promotion, or corporate function. The process involves transferring designs onto a fabric using ink and a series of screens to produce high-quality colours and images.

Fire Label offers clothing screen printing with a minimum run of 25 units per design. Each design includes a maximum print area of 400mm X 600mm and up to a maximum of 12 colours of your choice. We recommend this service for creating custom branded clothing that will stand out from the crowd.

Many large and small companies, sports clubs, universities, and bands have turned to Fire Label for our unmatched screen printing service. With great focus on quality and cost-effectiveness, we always endeavor to make sure the finished products will meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. We have a professional and experienced team that can help with the entire design process to deliver reliable printing solutions at budget-friendly prices.

Re-labelling, Swing Tickets and Bagging Services for Screen Printed Shirts

Fire Label offers a bespoke re-labelling, swing ticket, and bagging service for screen print t-shirts. We can provide bespoke tags for most garments so you’ll have more choices for either retail or corporate apparel. We offer re-labelling and swing tickets from a minimum of 25 pieces. This is available to any mix of garments. Woven labels and swing tickets are also available from a minimum run of 500 pieces. If you have unused labels and swing tickets, we’ll store them for future orders.

Professional Design Service

Fire Label provides a full design service to make your ideas a reality. We have professional graphic artists who can produce drafts for your approval. We’ll adjust the size, colour, and the overall design as requested before printing the shirt. We only go ahead with the order when you are 100% happy with the visual proof and have sent us your full approval.

Screen Printing Prices

The below prices show the unit cost of screen printing only and do not include any garments. If you would like a quote for your complete order please get in touch.


25-4950-99 100-199200-499500-9991K-19992K+
1 COL£1.74£1.33£0.88£0.59£0.42£0.36POA
2 COL£2.12£1.49£1.01£0.72£0.49£0.43POA
3 COL£2.49£1.66£1.17£0.85£0.55£0.46POA
4 COL£2.85£1.80£1.37£0.98£0.61£0.53POA
5 COL£3.29£1.94£1.50£1.13£0.69£0.59POA
6 COL£3.66£2.09 £1.66 £1.30 £0.76 £0.66 POA 
7 COL£4.01£2.23 £1.78 £1.43 £0.83 £0.71 POA 
8 COL£4.39£2.37 £1.90 £1.58 £0.92 £0.78 POA 
9 COL£4.76£2.52 £2.05 £1.72 £0.99 £0.84POA 
10 COL£5.12£2.66 £2.18 £1.87 £1.07 £0.90 POA 
11 COL£5.46£2.80 £2.32 £2.03 £1.14 £0.96POA 
12 COL£5.88£2.94 £2.45 £2.19 £1.26 £1.04 POA 

25-4950-99 100-199200-499500-9991K19992K+
1 COL£1.96£1.50£1.01£0.70£0.49£0.42POA
2 COL£2.34£1.64£1.18£0.91£0.60£0.49POA
3 COL£2.71£1.79£1.36£1.09£0.70£0.56POA
4 COL£3.07£1.93£1.50£1.26£0.81£0.63POA
5 COL£3.51£2.07£1.64£1.44£0.91£0.70POA
6 COL£3.88£2.22 £1.78 £1.61 £1.01 £0.77 POA 
7 COL£4.24£2.36 £1.92 £1.79 £1.11 £0.84 POA 
8 COL£4.61£2.50 £2.06 £1.91 £1.22 £0.91 POA 
9 COL£4.96£2.64 £2.20 £2.00 £1.33 £0.98 POA 
10 COL£5.34£2.78 £2.34 £2.05 £1.43 £1.04 POA 
11 COL£5.75£2.92 £2.48 £2.12 £1.54 £1.11 POA 
12 COL£6.09£3.07 £2.65 £2.19 £1.74 £1.18 POA 

Special Offer: Free Screens on orders of 50pcs and over per design.
Screens are charged at £15+vat per colour - Repeat orders are charged at £10+vat per colour - 
Some technical and polyester fabrics may require screen print transfers or screen printing with a specialised ink. Please contact us for further details